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About Nowy App

Nowy is a one-stop social travel app that lets you uncover amazing travel inspiration. Nowy highlights the best destinations and enables users to plan, route, and book trips on one convenient platform.

Nowy is available in Apple AppStore. Click here to join the Android waitlist.

Nowy sits at the intersection of the passion for travel, love for sharing and connecting people to this beautiful world in Nowy’s social community.

Nowy provides sources of inspiration and also offers powerful travel tools to get your next dream trip right away in an innovative and simple way.

Nowy is a global app that is available for free to all users.

To request to review, update, or delete your personal information, please contact us at [email protected].

How to get inspiration

Explore Nowy Home page where you can find travelers’ shared travel posts, blogs, and trips from friends you follow or any posts nearby your location.

You can also search for specific locations from worldwide travel locations and types of trips using the app’s search function or inside Nowy Map.

As of 2022, Nowy offers access to over 200,000 diverse travel locations, including tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, gardens, theme parks, art galleries, museums, natural areas, and more. These locations can be found in more than 50 countries around the world, spanning across Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. Nowy continues to expand its offerings for passionate travelers.

Nowy automatically gathers a wide range of travel information from any searched locations including location details, images, geolocation, business services, websites, phone numbers, booking options, navigations, ratings, and price range all for your reference when planning your next dream trip.

You will also be able to see any related travel posts or trips that are the latest or trending posts from the same location.

Not at all! With Nowy, you can easily discover new ideas for a local getaway or plan your next weekend trip through the Nowy community even if you’re not traveling.

Yes! You can like, comment on, and collect any travel posts or travel trips that inspire your future trip.

Use the Nowy map to find hidden gems near you.

The Nowy map has unique travel filters to allow you to select Types of Travel, Ratings (⭐️+), Price Range ($+), and Travel Group Types near your location. You can easily find the next place to explore by your specific travel needs and budget.

Getting inspiration from others’ trips is a nice option.

Also, Nowy offers a robust search function and more than 20+ filters to fit your travel needs.

The Types of Travel filter allows you to find a place in categories such as top attractions, food & drink, hotels & lodging, parks, art galleries, museum, natural areas (like lakes or mountains), campgrounds and more.

The Travel Groups filter helps you locate places that are Pet-friendly, Kids-friendly, Family-friendly, Solo-friendly, or Groups-friendly to suit your needs.

The rating filter allows you to search with a certain start rating ⭐️, and price range filter helps identify any global places within your budget from $ to $$$$$.

How to plan my trip

With Nowy, trip planning has never been easier.

To start, click on the “Trip” on the home page. It takes only 3 steps: select your desired places, choose your preferred mode of transportation, and route the way you like. 

Nowy will take care of the rest, providing you with a map for routing, an estimate of total time spent on the road, transportation options, and direct bookings available for all of your selected places.

If you can’t find a place using Nowy’s search function, you can use the built-in Google search feature within the app. This will allow the Nowy engine to automatically gather information about the travel place you’re looking for.

Yes, by clicking on the “Book Now” button on Nowy, you will be directed to the booking pages or sites.

Nowy will direct you to the appropriate booking site for the travel places you have selected, including sites for booking tours, activities, experiences, hotels, and more.


To share a travel post, click on the “Add” button.

You can upload the travel photos and add the travel locations of the trip, Nowy will automatically collect all of the location details in your posts.

Yes. You can easily drag and move the photos to change the orders according to your preference.

To add locations and label the uploaded photos, click on the “Place” button located under each photo.

Nowy offers built-in templates that include emojis to quickly summarize the highlights of your travel posts.

You can select different templates for +Getaway, +Attraction, +Beach, +Hotel/Lodging, +Shop, +Food & Beverage, +Road Trip, +Camping, +Family and more for easy and quick sharing.

While browsing Nowy, you can add desired places for your trip by clicking on the “” icon on any location. This will save the place to your trip selections. You can find the “” icon by clicking on a post, searching for a place, or on the Nowy map.

To create a trip, click on the “Trip” button:

Step 1: Select your preferred places by city, state or country from your collections.
Step 2: Choose your own route and transportation options.
Step 3: Save and Post your trip!

To add your posts to your trip, click on the “Link Post” button within your trip and associate your posts with the relevant places. Nowy will display your posts from that place for you to choose and include in your trip.

Once your trip is planned, your own routes will be saved in your travel post.

You can save, reuse, and share it through Nowy and other social media.


Nowy has in-app navigation feature that allows you to easily track your live location on your chosen route during your trip, or on the Nowy map when you’re walking or driving.

Also, you can access Google Maps navigation by clicking the button from a travel destination, and Nowy will launch the navigation on Google Maps for you.

On the map of your route, a moving blue dot that indicates your location will be displayed. You can also locate yourself while following others’ trip plans and routes if you are in the vicinity of the trip locations.

How to share travel experiences

You can share your travel experience on Nowy by creating a travel post or trip and then sharing it with your in-app friends or on external social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or via text. You can also share via text, email, and more.

By using Nowy, you can expand your travel network by following pages and connecting with friends and followers. You can also interact with your in-app followers and friends by liking, collecting, commenting on, and sharing your trips on other social media platforms or messaging tools (text, email, and more).

Yes, you can share any Nowy content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or via text, email, and more.

Also, with the Nowy Widget, you can share, upload, and livestream your own content to your website if you have one.

The Nowy Postcard is a one-of-a-kind layout for digital postcards that allows you to share your travel posts and trips, just like mailing a physical postcard to a friend from your journey. It preserves your special memories in a variety of layouts that you can choose from.

Nowy Widget

The Nowy Widget is a web-based plugin that allows you to integrate your travel posts directly from the Nowy social app into a single, customizable, and embeddable feed on any website, from a designated business account.

The Nowy widget helps travel bloggers, professional travelers, travel agencies, property management/marketing businesses, and related service providers build their own influential social community and connect to the largest supply of user content and experiences.

Not at all! There is no coding required to integrate the Nowy Widget with your website.

You can download the Nowy Widget directly from the WordPress plugin marketplace at:https://wordpress.org/plugins/nowy-widget/

Additional platform plugins are coming soon.
The Nowy Widget can also be easily embedded via shortcode.

To request Nowy Widget on your website, register a Nowy app account and contact us at [email protected] to request the activation.

After downloading the Nowy Widget, the next step is to install and activate it on your website. You will then need to copy the shortcode and paste it on your website to display the content from the Nowy app. For more information on the installation and setup of the Nowy Widget, please refer to the Installation Guide provided by Nowy.

You can download the Nowy Widget directly from the WordPress marketplace. Once it is downloaded, click on “Install” to install the Nowy Widget on your website and then activate it.
Please refer to the Installation Guide provided by Nowy.

The Nowy Widget offers a free trial for 3 months. For more information on pricing and to schedule a demo, please contact us at [email protected].

For instructions on setting up the widget and selecting content, please refer to the Installation Guide provided by Nowy or contact the customer support team directly at [email protected].

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